14:00 - ARRIVAL

Explore the space, get your bearings, a drink and some finger-food!


Felipe Duarte: A Vision for a Holographic DAO Future (DAOstack)

14:30 - Ethfinex: The next Daodex

Will Harborne (Ethfinex)

15:00 - dhack is here

Eylon Aviv (DAOstack) on how DAOs have a part to play in the future of Hackathons

15:10 - dao incorporated

Ori Shimony (dOrg) - Limited liability DAOs are here.

15:30 - awakening the dxdao

Christiane Ernst and Silke Elrifai (Gnosis) on the tech and the law behind the dxDAO

16:00 - break

Take a moment to breathe - there's more to come

16:20 - the retail dao

Brandon Klein (Retail DAO) mutualised physical infrastructure goes storefront

16:30 - the genesis alliance

Matan Field (DAOstack) on the what's next for the Genesis DAO

17:00 - Decentralizing consensys

Rob Solomon (Consensys)

17:30 - kyber dao > Network

Shane Hong & Ilan Doron (Kyber Network) share the stage

14:30 - DAOstack's Open Source stack

Jordan Ellis (dOrg) 

15:00 - 3box: Data, DAOs and the Future

Joel Thorstensson (3box)

15:30 - the diversity of DAOs

Michael Zargham (Commons Stack/Blockscience)

16:00 - break

Take a moment to breathe - there's more to come

16:20 - daofund

Eric Arsenault (Genesis Cross Pollinator) will announce an experiment that taps into a long awaited use case...

16:30 - Governance and Regulation
Update from Wharton Initiative

Daniel Resas (Wharton Initiative)

17:00 - Genesis & ecosystem onboarding on alchemy

Livia Deschemayer (DAOstack) and Luuk Weber (CuraDAO)

17:30 - Real DAOs, Real Progress. (fishbowl panel discussion)

Jake Brukhman - Coinfund - Crypto Investor “Community as Investment”

Michael Kisselgof - IKU / NeuroDRO - Founder of the Decentralized Research Organization

Nathan Schneider - Platform Coops / Decentralized Thriving Contributor

Luuk Webber - Carribean Blockchain Network / CuraDAO

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