Save the date:
13th of
February 2020
10:00 - 18:00
The Sports Castle Denver CO
DAOfest is an event series focused on advancing the technology and adoption of decentralized governance globally.
We call all stewards, architects, engineers and designers that are working towards a world full of functional and mature DAOs to join us as we speak, listen and build together in Denver in February. See what we’ve been up to:

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what IS a DAO?
DAOfest aims to answer three questions

Why and how to launch a DAO?

Understand what your organization can gain from designing and creating its own DAO and how to launch it at minimal cost.

How to become a DAO Citizen?

Join a world-changing ecosystem that is changing what’s possible for collective creation.

How far has the industry come?

Get up to date into all that is possible now and what will be possible soon with DAOs out in the real world.

some of the speakers at daofest denver

Matan Field

DAOstack Chief Architect

Creator of the holographic consensus framework, prominent governance researcher, and founder of DAOstack, Matan is now focused on unlocking the potential of scalable collaborative networks in order to move towards new forms of human collaboration.. Join us as he articulates the tools invented for this purpose and what you can do to drive this vision forward.

Audrey Tang

Minister of Digital of Taiwan and Radicalxchange

She is a Taiwanese free software programmer, who has been described as one of the "ten greats of Taiwanese computing personalities. She is the youngest minister in Taiwanese history and a leading member of Radicalxchange movement. Her daily work focuses on how government and citizens can work in sync on the use of future technology.

Amanda Cassatt

The Marketing DAO

Amanda Cassatt uses storytelling to catalyze technological transformations. She is a current advisor and the former CMO of ConsenSys, co-creator of Ethereal, and the Secretary of MarketingDAO, which aims to grow Ethereum’s brand in the “Ethereum way.” 

Griff Green

The Commons Stack

One of the founders at The Commons Stack and Giveth 2.0  . These projects aim to realign incentives to facilitate better management of public goods. They use computer aided governance to develop new economic tools and models for social impact projects.

Jason Wiener

DAOstack Chief Architect

Specializing in cooperative law, shared ownership models, and worker-ownership,
Jason has advised on dozens of worker-cooperative, multi-stakeholder ownership conversions, and platform cooperatives. He also published more than 6 scholarly law review articles on international, human rights and fair trade, open sourcing renewable energy technology topics.

Jim Jagielski

1 Million Devs Initiative

He has made substantial code contributions to just about every core technology behind the internet.  Was awarded the 2012 O’Reilly Open Source Award, the  2015 Innovation Luminary Award from the EU and was picked by InterCon as one of their Top 50 Tech Leaders in 2019. Co Founded the Apache Software Foundation, served as president of the Outercurve Foundation and directed the Open Source Initiative (OSI). He’s Consensys’ open source chief.

Kames Cox-Geraghty

1 Million Devs Initiative

Kames is a Web3 Engineer on the ConsenSys experiments team, RAPID, and Steward for the One Million Developers initiative. Current work includes building/prototyping the DeveloperDAO (DevDAO) to help onboard 1,000,000 new developers into the Ethereum ecosystem.

Nathan Schneider


Journalist and Assistant Professor of Media Studies at the University of Colorado Boulder, where he founded the Media Enterprise Design Lab. He is the author of three books on the cooperative economy, most recently “Everything for Everyone,”  and co-editor of the platform co-op manifesto “Ours to Hack and to Own.” His articles have appeared in The Nation, The New York Times, and Vice.

Auryn Macmillan

Community Relations at Colony

Colony builds tools for organizing and incentivizing teams, projects, and communities. And Auryn is their main community builder! He has worked in community, communications, and marketing with several of the most well-known projects in Ethereum.

Donnie Benjamin


Donnie served as an Army Intelligence Officer after attending West Point, attended Harvard Business School, and has worked at Google and Consensys. Now he is team Sobol: A coordination tool that is designed to maximize the potential of individuals connected in global communities.

Weilei Yu

Developer Relations at Streamr

Weilei is a LAMP full-stack software developer and data analyst with multiple years of experience who has been tinkering with codes since early high school. Recently he's been focusing on large scale Business Intelligence platforms and infrastructure, helping companies deploy and manage big data analytics.

Megan Knab

CEO of Veriledger

Megan Knab is the Founder and CEO of VeriLedger, and automated crypto accounting platform. Prior to starting VeriLedger, Megan helped start up an agency brokerage project at ConsenSys. Her background before working in crypto is in accounting and finance. Her passion is building efficient business systems that eliminate the need for human intervention.

Bill Warren

Peeps Democracy

Bill is the co-founder and CEO of Peeps Democracy. where they're building platforms to allow people and organizations create cause-based DAOs to fight for the issues important to them. Peeps Democracy launched We the Peeps, a decentralized PAC platform, in Fall 2019 and is launching Peeps DAO, a decentralized advocacy and nonprofit platform.

Ezra Weller

DAOstack, Groupmuse

Co-founder of Groupmuse, DAOstack team member, musician MOZRAT in a previous life. Working on communities and tools for better collaboration and less authoritarianism.

Pat Rawson

DAOstack Comms

Genesis is an independent, global community of people working together to build and promote DAOs, and one of the largest DAOs in use, existing since June 2018. Pat will present Genesis’ history of success as an experiment, as well as its vision of a future DAO Alliance.

Eric Arsenault

DAOstack Bizzdev

DAOist who began his journey a year ago starting with Genesis DAO, and quickly expanding to various communities experimenting with DAO use cases. Currently, Eric is leading DAO use case design efforts at DAOstack.

Felipe Duarte

The DAO Canvas

Originally an artist and activist, his experience on the ground during the social upheavals of Brazil have shifted his reflections towards society and organizations. From pollinator of the Genesis DAO he become the Organiser of DAOfest, creator of the FestDAO and The DAO Canvas

Eylon Aviv


Eylon will share the lessons learned and future of the dHack a decentralized hackathon powered by DAOstack that optimizes for greater stakeholder engagement, more efficient reward distribution, and a novel means to incubate the best up and coming projects within Ethereum’s open-source ecosystem.

More coming soon...

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