Save the date:
20th of August
14:00 - 18:00
DAOfest is a day-long event during Berlin Blockchain Week where you will be provided the tools for those who want to launch, interact with, or understand the early stage DAO ecosystem.

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations are a new framework for coordination and are already being used for art, philanthropy, research, activism, marketing, software development, financial services and more.

Come learn the technology and engage with the people working to unlock the future of organizations.

This is just the beginning.

what IS a DAO?
DAOfest aims to answer three questions for all participants...

Why and how to launch a DAO?

Understand what your organization can gain from designing and creating its own DAO and how to launch it at minimal cost.

How to become a DAO Citizen?

Join a world-changing ecosystem that is changing what’s possible for collective creation.

How far has the industry come?

Get up to date into all that is possible now and what will be possible soon with DAOs out in the real world.

speaker highlights

Matan Field

DAOstack Chief Architect

Creator of the holographic consensus framework, Matan is now focused on propelling an alliance of organizations to found a super-scalable collaborative cryptonetwork on DAOstack. Join us as he articulates the tools invented for this purpose and what you can do to drive this grand ecosystemic experiment forwards.

Will Harborne

EthFinex Cofounder

Having developed the concept for Ethfinex in 2017, Will now leads the team towards a vision of the first fully decentralised exchange where customers are in control. They have taken the latest step towards this vision by recently launching the efxDAO, an initiative to test collective decision making for the allocation of Ethfinex capital.

Ori Shimony

dOrg Cofounder

dOrg is a freelance development cooperative incorporated as the first ever blockchain based limited liability DAO under US law. Learn about their journey through an ever-shifting regulatory landscape and their plans to streamline the process for new DAO founders by building the necessary tooling.

Jordan Ellis

Co-founder, dOrg

The DAO open-source ecosystem is rapidly growing, and dOrg, the open-source developer cooperative, is driving many projects in the industry. We invite developers to join Jordan for a deep technical dive of the different projects being actively worked on.

Silke Elrifai

Head of Legal, Gnosis

Mix one part legal hacker, one part institutional guru, and one part international law practitioner, and you get Silke Elrifai, the force majeure driving development in DAO legal systems. As legal pioneer, Silke will present the complex legal considerations given in order to help the dxDAO come alive.

Christiane Ernst

Product Manager, Gnosis

Christiane was instrumental as product manager for the launch of the largest ever live DAO experiment on the Ethereum blockchain: the dxDAO. Learn about the challenges she faced, and her insights/speculations on the past, present, and future of the experiment.

Joel Thorstensson

Co-founder, 3Box

Data ownership is a hot topic and an issue many blockchain industry experts are trying to solve. Joel will discuss the importance of owning one’s own data when interacting with DAOs, and the steps 3Box is taking as a decentralized cloud provider to be the DAO solution of choice.

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